About Trinity Healthcare

& Our Certified Practitioners

Trinity Healthcare Services was founded in 2006 and has grown to be a place of wellness for those who need it. We offer nursing care facilities situated with views of the mountainous landscape of West Virginia. Our two locations, in Logan and Mingo Counties, provide numerous long-term and short-term opportunities for patients and their families who seek quality nursing and therapeutic care. Contact us online for more information or call (304) 752-8723 in Logan or (304) 235-7005 in Mingo to speak to our professional staff.

The Leading Nursing

Care Facility in Logan and Mingo

Trinity Healthcare Services specializes in long-term and short-term care. We have an in-house therapy department that consists of many different types of therapies for patients based on individual needs. We have a dedicated staff that is educated in Alzheimer’s and Dementia cases. In southern West Virginia, we are the leading nursing facility for patients who need additional primary care, and we offer respite and hospice services. For those who are looking for treatment at our beautiful facilities, call to set up an appointment.

Meet Our

Therapy Department Staff Members

Our quality nursing facilities offer both long- and short-term therapies from qualified and certified providers and entrusted care from knowledgeable caregivers. This fosters a sense of belonging and emotional support unique to our two locations. Physicians and nurses ensure all treatment of all patients according to the specialized care based on individual needs. Our primary certifications include:

> Certified Dementia Practitioners
> Gerontology Practitioners
> Certified Activities Directors
> Certified Color Therapist

> Certified in Behavioral Management
> Certified Wound Care
> Certified Infection Control
> Certified IV Therapist

Communication: An Important

Tool for Quality Care

The many therapeutic services we provide at Trinity Healthcare Services allow us to enhance the quality of life for our residents in Logan and Mingo Counties. For example, offering speech therapy to residents helps them to communicate important, basic needs. Likewise, we encourage our staff and extended family members to stay in touch with our news and activities. Be sure to visit our blog page or download a copy of our latest newsletter to keep you up to date. As gerontology practitioners, Trinity Healthcare values communication as an important tool for quality care and patient advocacy.