Activities & Bariatrics Healthcare Therapy

For Logan & Mingo Residents

Trinity Healthcare Helps

Residents Maintain Healthy Weight

The field of bariatrics covers the realm of diet, exercise, and behavior therapy that relate directly to maintaining a healthy weight and physicality. Beyond the targeted goals of speech, physical, and occupational therapies, these bariatric services provide residents with weight management and activities designed to improve quality of life. Contact Trinity Healthcare Services online for more information or call us at (304) 752-8723 in Logan or (304) 235-7005 in Mingo to speak to our professional staff.

Recreational Activities

As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Residents of every age benefit from recreational activities that help maintain involvement and socialization. Medical issues can have an impact on physical mobility, so activities help residents dealing with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, sleep apnea, and chronic physical problems. We offer several types of structured activities in which residents may participate regularly to help stay engaged, alert, and involved.

Realities of Sedentary

Living, Diet, and Exercise

With a healthy focus on the correlation between mortality and obesity today, we work with residents who have difficulty with or health concerns related to diet and exercise. When a patient has medical needs, physical activity can have a marked impact on psychological health, as both work in tandem. For residents who have difficulty with weight issues, our activities offer a combination of engaging ways to approach healthy living and weight control. Keeping unwanted weight off is a worthwhile endeavor as doing so can improve both your health and quality of life.

Physical Activity and Fitness

Changes that Work!

The role of physical activity cannot be overstated when it comes to controlling weight. Small changes can make a big difference for sedentary residents moving toward more active lifestyles. These small changes over time can help prevent injuries, avoid burnout, and often stick as welcome life changes. What types of activities? Much depends on individual attitude toward exercise, but small changes like a 30-minute walk every day or a low-impact fitness class may lead to healthy rewards.